The tale as I know it. 


Pete started making Thousand Arrows music back in his basement in the mid 90s. At the time he was an art student and member of a few intrepid DIY rock outfits based in Bloomington, Indiana: Intro to Airlift, Panoply Academy, Turn Pale...the three of which toured extensively through the lower 48 and occasionally in the Great White North. Soon he was helping found The Coke Dares who likewise weren't afraid to log miles and who joined up with Jason Molina in songs:ohia. This stalwart group cruised North America and Europe for the next ten years, first under the songs:ohia moniker and then as Magnolia Electric Co. 


Pete's songs accumulated in the background and manifested whenever heavy band action waned. He writes about people, places and feelings and the relationships among them—often from unexpected and unassuming angles. Recording at home and at Russian Recording, he put out four albums and a seven inch over ten years or so (see discography), and played sporadic Midwest dates, supported MECo and the Donkeys on tours, and took a solo trek around the Mideastern United States. He did numerous studio and road dates with Scout Niblett, the Watson Twins, Release the Sunbird, and others, while also playing in the Hollows and pursuing stand up comedy. 


In 2011, Pete headed west to hang his hat in Portland, Oregon, where he played in Early Hours and helped found the Zags. During this time Thousand Arrows was revived with new songs, performances, and recordings, including an imminent EP with Chris Funk at the helm, and friends from the Decemberists and Shearwater on the session. 

After five years on the Western edge, Pete was called to move to  Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives and works as a librarian.